programoverview jarboeOur program is a dually accredited training site that prepares residents for certification by both the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine. 

Residents participate in a rigorous curriculum between Sparrow Hospital and McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital. The close proximity and affiliation with Michigan State University Colleges of Osteopathic and Human Medicine offers our residents an unique opportunity to participate in medical student education, simulation medicine, and hands-on procedural laboratories. 

Sparrow Hospital boasts Level I Trauma certification with a high-volume/high-acuity, fast-paced ED environment and a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department.  Sparrow also includes Comprehensive Stroke Care with Stroke Unit, and Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units, in addition to the medical, trauma, and cardiac intensive care units. The McLaren Greater Lansing facility offers diverse community hospital emergency department care with all acuities and has a major orthopedic focus with many hands-on learning opportunities.  Training in Lansing offers the best of both worlds, with a Level I trauma tertiary care center as well as a community hospital center.  

Our residency has been training residents for over 35 years, and is located in the home city of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.  We have a dedicated group of faculty members who enjoy teaching and mentoring residents.  Faculty participate both regionally and nationally in emergency medicine education. 

We promise to offer you outstanding training in emergency medicine in a tertiary care community-based hospital environment that offers nearly all of the specialty areas that our patients may possibly require. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about our program and thank you for your interest in MSU- Lansing Emergency Medicine. 

David Castle, DO FACEP
Program Director


Dan Bridger, DO

Sparrow Health System

Ryan Hart, DO

Marquette General Hospital, Marquette, MI

Jeffery Hirschi

McKay Dee Hospital, Ogden, UT

Angela Olson, DO

Scott and White Hillcrest Hospital, Waco, TX

Lisa Cole, MD

Sparrow Health System, Lansing, MI

Benjamin Davidson, MD

Carillion New River Valley Medical Center, Christiansburg, VA

Abbie Harts, MD

Sparrow Health System, Lansing, MI

Bradley Layton, MD

Maury Regional Medical Center, Columbia, TN

Shang Sung, MD

Sparrow Health System & TX


Robert Becker, MD

Parkview Medical Center, Southern CO

Tam Dao, MD

San Gabriel, CA

Brett Reich, DO

Sparrow Health System

Jamie Christopoulos, DO

Sparrow Health System

Stacy Erndt, DO

Maitland, FL

Brett Etchebarne, MD

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Kathryn Imberg, DO

Kirkland, WA


Joseph Burkett, MD

North Memorial Medical Center, Robbinsdale, MN

Ryan Kenney, MD

McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital, Lansing, MI

John Thomas Velasquez, MD

Overlook Medical Center, Summit, NJ, & Sparrow, Lansing, MI

Albert Blair, MD

New York Team Health

Richard Maier, DO

Sparrow/MSU Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, Lansing, MI

Grant Brinkley, DO

Genesys Hospital, Grand Blanc, MI

Daniel Bouchard, DO

Corpus Christi Medical Center, Corpus Christi, TX

Richard Lane Welch, DO

Ft. Sander's Regional Hospital, Knoxville, TN

Brian Young, DO

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richmond, WA

Rachel White, DO

Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, SC

Heather Grouthous, DO

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Benton Harbor, MI & Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, MI


Allison Marciniak, MD

Ascension/Ministry Medical Group, North-Central, WI

Eyad Khattab, MD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, EM Fellowship, Boston, MA

Matthew Jolly, MD

Columbia St. Mary's, Milwaukee, WI

Sascha DeAngelo, MD

The Permanente Medical Group, Sacramento, CA

Michelle Hackner, MD

DeGarA, McLaren, Lansing, MI

Jamila Power, MD

Sparrow Health System, Lansing, MI

Kate Hughes, DO

University of Arizona Medical Simulation Fellowship, Tucson, AZ

Brett Gerstner, DO

Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, EL, MI

Phillip Singer, DO

EmCare-University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, tX

Collin Seguin, DO

Munson Medical Center, Traverse City, MI


1st and 2nd years

3rd and 4th years



Core Core Content

Extra Stuff

Extra Stuff     

Extra Stuff

Factoids to Know

Quizzes to Review

March 8

Respiratory distress, Bronchitis, Hemoptysis

Tintinalli Chapters 62-64

Acute Dyspnea (HippoEM)


Upper Airway Dz(HippoEM)

Optomizing the Resp Drive (PulmCrit)




+ Hemoptysis (EMdocs)


Hiccups (CoreEM)

Core Content


Bonus Ch 107 Peds transport

ROSH Review Questions

March 15

Pneumonia, Peds, Pneumothorax



Parenchymal Dz  Part I(Hippo EM) + Effusions (Hippo EM)


Natl Board Review PulmPart I

Pneumonia (EMDocs)

Pneumonia (EMDOCs part II)


Flu and Flu mimics (EmDocs)

Flash Cards

For  Ch 21 (Hyperbarics)

ROSH Review Questions

(assigned 3/10/18)

March 22


Lung Abscess



Parenchymal Dx II (Hippo EM)


Pulm ID(Hippo EM)


Natl Board Review PulmPart II

Crashing Pulm HTN (EMDocs)


+ Pulm HTN Podcast

Flash Cards for Ch3 Air Transport

ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/15/2018)

March 29




Obstructive Dz (HippoEM)

Status Asthmaticus (core EM)


Oxygen for COPD? (core EM)

Antibiotics for COPD? (CoreEM)


Asthma/COPD PC (Core EM)

Flash Cards

for Ch 7 Blast injuries

ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/22/2018)

April 5


Ch 223, 225, 145

Glucose Metabolism (Hippo EM) Part I and Part II

Significant DKA (Hippo EM)


Flash Cards for Ch 14 Anaphylaxis

ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/15/2018)

April 12

Type II DM, Adrenals

Ch 224,227,230

Fluids/Electrolytes (Hippo EM)


Adrenals (Hippo EM)


Flash Cards for Ch 9 Bioterrorism

ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/15/2018)

April 19


AKA, Thyroid

Ch 226,228,229

Thyroid Part I and II


Flash Cards for Ch  Radiation injuries

ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/15/2018)


Acid/Base and Nutrional

Acid Base Review (Hippo EM)


Nutrional Stuff (Hippo EM)


ROSH Review Questions (assigned 3/15/2018)