Regarding the 2020-2021 EM Residency match, The Sparrow Hospital EM Residency program will be following guidelines and recommendations based upon the Consensus Statement on the 2020-2021 Residency Application Process for US Medical Students Planning Careers in Emergency Medicine‚Ä®in the Main Residency Match. 

As outlined in this statement:

  • Only one Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) will be expected from each applicant. Multiple SLOEs from a single rotation will be discouraged. While more than one SLOE is discouraged, should additional EM rotations occur and multiple SLOEs be written, these will be accepted, however these students will not be viewed more favorably than those with a single SLOE.
  • A greater emphasis and weight will be placed this particular year on non-Emergency Medicine rotation Letters of Recommendation. These will include letter from non-EM rotations, subspecialty EM experiences, or from EM mentors with whom an applicant as a unique and ongoing professional relationship with. We encourage you to obtain these letters from physicians who are able to comment on both your clinical skills and the particular personal attributes you possess that strengthen your overall application.
  • All EM residency interviews at Sparrow Hospital will be conducted virtually for the 2020-2021 application year. Applicants will be expected to submit their application via ERAS as previously with Virtual interviews beginning at the beginning of November until late January
  • Second look, on site visits, will not be encouraged this year as concern this may raise both safety concerns in addition to introducing bias towards particular students and producing unnecessary pressures on applicants.

This is a unique and unprecedented period of time in which you have all been placed in.  While certainly not ideal, we are looking forward to speaking with each of you during a personal virtual interview in the last fall/early winter and are confident that both you as applicants and the Sparrow EM residency leadership will be successful in matching an incredible 2021 Emergency Medicine residency first year class.  We look forward to receiving and reviewing your ERAS application.


Dr. Kristen Owen

Program Director


Click Here for Information on our Weekly Social Mixer Sessions where you can get to know our current residents, play some trivia, and be eligible for weekly prizes- Begins August 5th!!!


We are happy to hear of your interest in rotating in the Emergency Department at Sparrow Hospital. 

The Emergency Department at Sparrow Hospital is a community-based academic facility with a patient volume of more than 100,000 visits annually serving the half-million residents of the greater Lansing area.  The Emergency Department is a Level 1 trauma center in addition to a center for Stroke Care excellence. A dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department where time may also be spent on this rotation has a patient volume of approximately 25,000 visits a year staffed by fellowship-trained Pediatric Emergency Medicine physicians. 

A dedicated medical student curriculum addressing key topics in Emergency Medicine is combined with a strong clinical experience. Medical students typically work in the high-acuity area of the Emergency Department (typically 15-16, 8.5 hour shifts on days, afternoons, and nights) with an emphasis placed on seeing the wide variety of patients that might present to a large community-based ED.  Students work clinically side by side with the 28 Emergency Department residents as well as directly with the attending staff. Students will have 4-5 additional educational days that include small group sessions, simulation lab cases, procedure labs, and case presentations that are led by EM faculty and residents. These educational days are a blend of activities both with the EM residents as well as student only Faculty-led sessions in an effort to maximize your education.  

All interested visiting medical students (non-Michigan State University-affiliated) that would like to be considered for a rotation in the Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department should apply through the VSAS link at: If you have questions regarding this rotation, please contact the Michigan State University Curriculum Assistant,  Michelle Knox at

We look forward to seeing you.

Jennifer Jaquint MD
Medical Student Clerkship Director
Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department

Thank you for your interest in the Michigan State University Residency Program at Sparrow and McLaren Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.  We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Please contact Renee Day (Program Coordinator) at (517) 364-2583 or with any questions that you may have. Our address is Sparrow Hospital, 1215 East Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912, and our fax number is (517) 364-3002.

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